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Church Anniversary

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As Young Street Community Baptist Church nears it's Church Anniversary, we would love to know what each member loves about being enlisted as a member here, at Young Street Community Baptist Church. Please feel free to comment below. Don't forget to include your name in your post. We look forward to the responses as well as the mighty fellowship that we will have this week in the name of the Lord

Bible Study Notes 2/17/16

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The Journey to the Cross

Rev. Marques Fletcher


God wants salvation of the Saints. Once you are saved, you can not be unsaved. God wants belief and trust in him. He wants us to be faithful to one

another. He wants us to uplift him and draw him closer. He would like us to be made Holy. During Lent we should be practicing Holiness. He desires

for us to be Holy always but during this season, the closeness should be even more so. How do you walk Holy? By doing his will, word, prayer,

display qualities to uplift Christ. The purpose of us becoming Christians is to uplift him in our everyday life. We remain holy though we are imperfect

by being made over through sanctification. In Romans

Regeneration is to be made whole again; born again. Regeneration is done when you accept

Christ. Once you are made over the process of sanctification begins. Without Justification there is

no santification. Romans 4;1-5 you are righteous because of your belief. Romans 5;1 Faith is belief

in action. Faith is trust and believing. As children of God, we first have peace. We found peace with

God through the sacrifice of sin. The peace of joy that passes all understanding. Justification gives

us peace and access. Access is important. Access to God. You have to be able to have access

because we are sinful and we need constant contact with him to stay connected with the spirit.

Without Jesus dying on the cross and our belief wewould not have access. We, on our own, cannot

go to him any kind of way. We must be righteous. Romans4;6-8 we are justified because our sins

were imputed in Jesus on the Cross. Hebrews 9;1-17, Hebrews 10;1-18 justificarion leads to santification. Sanctification is set apart for holiness unto God. Santification works through the Holy

spirit. It is a progressive work. God told Abraham to follow him and leave everything behind. The

sanctification begins it process through trials and tribulations. We go through these things for him to

draw us closer. When he shows you his might, sanctification is also present. Your life experience,

your study your experience is your sanctification. Sanctification incorporates sacrifice. It prepares

you for service. The good and the bad make this process. Hebrews 10;19-22 God will not force

himself on you. You have to sincerely desire holiness. A true heart to draw closer to God is a heart

without motif and not counterfeit. Ephesians 3;12 Hebrews 10;23 belief in action that Christ died for

our sins Hebrews10;24 Let us is the key in both verses. Fellowship with one another draws us

closer to God in our life, it makes us study more, it makes us yearn for, desire and acquire the word.

Hebrews10;24 Dont forsake the assembly. It stirs up love. It is impossible for a Christian to live in isolation.

Exhault and encourage one another. He is coming back. Before he returns, he wants his body to

come together. He wants his body to know that you have access to him through justification and

sanctification. Through this we will be great in him and of him.


Homework: Research sanctification.

Bible Study Notes 2/3/16

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Grace and Peace to You,

Below are the  notes from Sunday Service. As we continue to study and receive insight on the Holy Communion we are to remember the purpose and the reasoning behind this act. 

Sunday, February 7, 2016.

Sermon Title: Message of Gratefulness “A time we call Communion” 

Preacher: Rev. Marques L. Fletcher

Scripture: 1 Corinthians 11:23-26 Notes:

Song “Grateful” was Sung

Grateful definition means to feel or show appreciation of kindness: thankful Rev. Goodson preached a sermon which was an attitude of gratitude

Grateful for what God has done. The church has been celebrating communion since ancient times. This act should cause us to be humbled because

of the message behind it. It is looked at as being common, but in actuality, it is far more than that. Just remembering what he did at Calvary and the

Garden tomb. Communion ought to be a time where we worship God and reflect upon our walk with Jesus collectively and individually. As we look

into the heart of this text the sacredness and togetherness of communion will be pointed out. We have gotten so caught up that Communion is just a

first Sunday event. The Lord’s supper service is a time of recalling His sacrifice and service. His once for all sacrifice. We offer up the One who died

once and for ALL. The idea of commemoration is more than recalling the event that took place. It strips up the mind to relive His walk through his life

and resurrection and his coming back again. In John1…In the beginning the word was…..the 13th verse the word became flesh and lived upon us.

You and I have a right to the fellowship with the Father. The Bible says he became poor that we might become Rich. Communion ought be a time

when we commemorate what he has done for us. How is it the wine and bread commemorate this? This shows the death to the believers that the

death set forth by it by the painfulness of Christ’s death by the bread and wine. With are separate from each other. Flesh and blood together do not

represent a symbol of death. The wine represents the blood and the bread is the flesh separated they represent a picture of death. The flesh with no

blood means that you are lifeless. The very bread that we break says that thus Christ becomes our food. In order for bread to become bread it goes

thru torturous measures. The wheat has to be buried in the ground. It has to grow in different weathers. It then is cut down. It is the pressed, it is then

baked and after baking it is called and cut. This is symbolic of what Christ went through. Jesus endured. He kept walking and kept doing. Like Jesus

the bread had to pass through so many levels. Jesus said that he is the bread of life. The Juice of the grapes sets forth the suffering. When you go

the grocery store you buy them in clusters that are kept together by the vine. With wine the grapes are put in a wine press, pressing the grapes just

as the savior was pressed. God had a purpose for the Son of God to be pressed. Are you pressed in your way? When you go through the sun and

the rain are you pressing your way? Your life won’t be easy but you have to press. Are you pressing? This supper is a painfulness of Christ’s death. It

was a death of a particular time, a death for others. It is especially for ourselves. When he died, he died for all people. He died especially for those

who received him as their savior. There are only two categories of people: saved and unsaved. He died for both. But those who are saved, you have

the privilege of partaking in his bread and blood. He died a death for others. This supper shows that we believe this death is acceptable to God. Why

do we spread this table here? Is this an act of worship? Surely it is. Probably the highest form of worship. He died on the cross to accept the

punishment for us that we might live. The wages of sin is death. Sometimes we forget and make the Communion table customary and a ritual.

Christ’s sacrifice is complete and perfect. He is worthy of all honor. If Christ death was incomplete we would still be who we were in the past. He died

for us. When he hung there, he said he will take the burden.  Unless you die for Christ, then and only then will you experience the JOY of knowing

Jesus. Are you experiencing the JOY of the Lord? Jesus said his word is a light unto my feet…. Jesus was willing to die in a place called calvary. He

was wounded for our transgressions and our iniquity. Aren’t you glad that he healed and delivered us? He conquered death for us. When we die, we

are merely sleeping. One day, we will rise again. He will come back for us. Did he set you free? Commemoration, contemplation, identification,


We were also given a question that will be discussed Wednesday night Bible Study The question is "Can one partake in Communion if one has not been baptized". Please have the answer to this question as well as the homework questions and your biblical references. as well as the homework  on Wednesday

May God keep each and everyone of you under his grace.